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The P.O.D. Kast

Sep 7, 2019

In this brand new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favourite genre of music: nu-metal. The hosts intend to dissect one nu-metal album per episode, and first on the docket is Limp Bizkit's Significant Other. 

Seen by both men as the pinnacle of the genre, the two talk about their history with nu-metal and with this album specifically, before diving into a chat about Fred Durst's lyrical ability (but possible status as a genius), how much Wes Borland hated the band, the psychology behind some of the decisions made, Terry Date's production, and how Re-Arranged is possibly the greatest song ever written.

And in this month's Challenge, John and Bryan square off to see who can do the better Matt Pinfield rant.