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The P.O.D. Kast

Oct 1, 2019

In this brand-new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favorite genre of music: nu-metal. Each episode will be focused on one nu-metal album, and this month, they tackle Korn's "Korn".

Widely regarded to be the album that started nu-metal, John and Bryan come to this album from two different places: John backtracking through Korn's catalogue after falling in love with "Follow the Leader", and Bryan being there from the beginning, from early shows with no one there to buying the album because he saw a poster of the band and it looked cool. Throughout the episode, we look at how Fieldy might be the dumbest person ever to make it big, the creepy album art, the band's style, how this record made us hate our parents, and we imagine what the conversation in the studio must've been like before they recorded "Shoots and Ladders".

And in this month's challenge, Bryan and John both learn that scatting into a microphone is absurdly embarrassing.