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The P.O.D. Kast

Jan 7, 2020

The bad boys of podcasting are back, and this month, it's political. Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen take on the 2001 nu-metal classic, "Toxicity", by System of a Down, where the boys are once again conflicted over how to feel about a record, 18 years later.

From the bizarre in-fighting to the even weirder lyrics, Bryan and John attempt to unpack just how this album became one of the most popular of the decade and has stood the test of time, despite the inherent insanity of the whole thing and complete lack of mainstream appeal. While both had awful experiences seeing SOAD live, and are pretty sure the guys in the band are pretty dislikable dudes, they arrive at different conclusions about this record in 2019, and what it means today. And once again, the episode ends with singing (yelling?), as they try to break their 2-2 tie in the Challenge Round.

PLUS, The P.O.D. Kast just launched their Patreon this month. We're gonna be doing one bonus episode every month and will be releasing some really fun content. Check it out at, where the bonus content will start flowing VERY soon.